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Guidelines for Guest Writers

Here are some general guidelines we expect our Guest Contributors to follow in order to keep the community educated and Content relevant.

Originality in Content

We only accept 100% original articles. We do not accept articles that have already been published elsewhere. We accept un-plagiarised content.

Relevant Content

The financial topics that you can focus on, but not strictly limited to are as follows:

  • Investment related topics 
  • Trading 
  • Currency, Forex, Commodities, PMS, Fixed Deposit, Mutual Funds Equity & Derivatives, etc.
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wealth creation and wealth management
  • Tax planning
  • Loans and debt management
  • Insurance-related financial advice 
  • Financial planning

Well-Researched and Informative

The minimum word count for the articles is 800. We prefer a range between 800-2000 words.

Article Length

The preferred range is 800 to 1500 words (flexible depending on the topic and content quality).

Article Formatting

Make use of headings, subheadings, and bullet points to establish readability and clarity amongst the readers.

A conversational tone is preferred as it keeps the readers interested and engaged.

Proofreading & Editing

Before submitting the articles, ensure that it is error-free in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Error-free content establishes credibility when looked at from a reader’s perspective.

How to Submit Your Article To Us?

Here are a few key points we take into consideration before uploading any guest Post on our Website. Here is the process on how you can submit your Articles to Us.

Email Submission

Send your article in the form of Word document or in Google Docs. You can write to us [email protected]

Author Bio

At the end of the article, write a brief introduction of about 50-100 words.

Attach a photograph of yourself, and also provide relevant social media links (if any).

Review Process

You will get our feedback (on acceptance or modification) after a review process.
We may ask you to revise the content (if required), and provide you with the response within 7 business days. 

Editing and Approval

We may make minor modifications if required in grammar or clarity in the article.

You will also be shown the final version for approval before publishing.