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In a Fixed Deposit, you can deposit a lump sum of money in a financial institution for a certain period at a certain rate of interest. In this investment option, everything is ‘set’ or ‘fixed’. Be it the tenure, the principal amount and the interest rate. The bank, in turn, lends the money as a loan to the borrowers and charges them interest for the same.

Fixed Deposit is one of the safest financial vehicles as the principal amount and the returns are assured. This risk-free investment provides you with the option of tax saving, easy liquidity, and flexibility.

Our team of financial consultants in Vadodara can help you with Fixed Deposits and enjoy better returns and the benefits of flexibility and liquidity. We help you manage your money through our wealth creation through personalised guidance and the latest tools.

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Here are some commonly asked questions to fund managers about our services at Value4Money

Here's how it typically works: Let's say you have ₹10,000 that you want to invest in a fixed deposit. You approach a bank and choose a tenure, let's say one year. The bank offers you an interest rate, say 5% per annum. You agree to the terms, and the bank locks in your ₹10,000 for one year. At the end of the tenure, you receive your initial investment amount of ₹10,000 along with the interest earned, which in this case would be ₹500 (5% of ₹10,000). The interest can be paid out periodically or reinvested to earn more interest.

Fixed deposits are attractive because they provide a guaranteed return on your investment, unlike some other investment options that are subject to market fluctuations. They are also considered safer because they are insured by the government up to a certain amount.

Regular Fixed Deposits: These are the most common and straightforward types of fixed deposits. You deposit a specific amount for a fixed tenure at a predetermined interest rate. The interest is generally compounded quarterly or annually, and you receive the maturity amount at the end of the tenure.

Tax-Saver Fixed Deposits: If you're looking for tax benefits, tax-saver fixed deposits are a great choice. These deposits have a lock-in period of 5 years and qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The interest earned is taxable, but the principal amount invested can be deducted from your taxable income.

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits: Designed exclusively for senior citizens, these fixed deposits offer higher interest rates compared to regular fixed deposits. Banks typically offer additional benefits such as regular interest payouts and preferential treatment to senior citizens.

Cumulative Fixed Deposits: In cumulative fixed deposits, the interest is compounded and reinvested along with the principal amount. You receive the entire maturity amount at the end of the tenure. These deposits are suitable if you don't require regular interest payouts and want to maximize your returns.

Flexi Fixed Deposits: Flexi fixed deposits provide flexibility in terms of deposit and withdrawal. You can deposit additional funds into the account at any time, and you can also withdraw a certain portion of the deposit without affecting the overall tenure.

Financial Services providers like Value4Money can help you with that. In most cases, you may be asked to go through a simple KYC process to open an FD account without the use of a savings account. You may need to provide a few documents like self-attested Xerox ID proof such as your PAN Card, your Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc in order to open an FD Account.

Auto-renewal, as the name suggests, refers to the automatic renewal of a fixed deposit at its maturity. When you opt for auto-renewal, your fixed deposit will be reinvested for another tenure without any manual intervention required from your end. This ensures that your money continues to earn interest seamlessly.

As the name suggests, a term deposit is a type of investment where a fixed amount of money is invested with a financial institution for a specified period of time, known as the term. During this period, the funds remain locked, and the depositor earns interest on the principal amount. For short-term investments, term deposits are generally more suitable due to their shorter duration and potentially higher interest rates.

A flexi fixed deposit is a unique form of deposit that gives combined benefits of both a fixed deposit and a savings account. It offers you a flexible approach to investing, allowing the security of a fixed deposit while retaining access to your funds whenever needed.

This innovative product provides you with the best of both worlds, enabling you to earn attractive returns on your investment while maintaining liquidity.


The interest rate offered on fixed deposits in India is determined by several factors, like prevailing market conditions, the duration of the deposit, and the financial institution's policies. in India, it varies from 6% to 9% annually.

You can reach out to Value4Money which offers Corporate Fixed Deposit and related products for wealth creation and management. Value4Money has dedicated customer support and a team of expert financial consultants to help you with Fixed Deposit Services. You can also approach any reputable financial institutions like banks and NBFCs in Vadodara to get the best fixed-deposit services. 


Both term deposits and fixed deposits offer secure investment options with guaranteed returns. The choice between the two depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. If you seek flexibility and a wider range of options, a term deposit might be suitable. On the other hand, if safety, steady returns, and simplicity are your priorities, a fixed deposit can provide the desired benefits. Assess your requirements carefully, consider the factors discussed, and make an informed decision to maximize your investment potential.


In a savings account, there is no fixed period of saving your money. This is why, in a savings account you can save as much money until you determine to close your account. But, in the fixed deposit, the tenure is fixed. In a bank fixed deposit, the tenure lasts from 7 days to 10 years maximum, according to your financial goals. Value4Money’s financial services in Vadodara can help you open a fixed deposit, for assured returns and paperless investments with 24*7 online tracking. 


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